Peter Clark – collage artist

I think I share the curse of a lot of creative people in that I can see the potential in every scrap of discarded paper and love working collaged elements into my work. I often paint or draw over the paper to disguise and meld it into the finished piece. I’m constantly squirelling away interesting papers with the intention of giving them new life as art. Here’s just a small selection…


One of the most original and inspiring collage artists I have come across is Peter Clark. I am amazed by his creative use of paper and pattern to create stunning and complex images. I would love to take a look at his paper collection – I’m sure it beats mine!

In the video below Peter is interviewed by some of his creations. He talks about the integrity and history of the papers he uses and his many sources of inspiration. It also includes a very apt soundtrack – one of my personal favourites! Hope you enjoy it.

In 2011 Peter published ‘Paperwork’, a book showcasing his collages. It sold out and was recently reprinted. I bought my copy from Peter’s website and he was kind enough to send me a signed copy.


Below is a link to further information on the book. I think you’ll agree the cover is enough to make you want to see more!

Paperwork by Peter Clark 


Here’s a link to Peter’s website where you can view more of his wonderful work!

Peter Clark website

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