The first colouring project – fancy birds

Welcome to my new website and I’m so pleased that you have visited me here. This is my new place to share all my fun and relaxing art projects… And I very much hope that you will join in.


As we are now in the first official week of spring, I thought I would begin with something symbolic of this refreshing season. My garden is full of birds of all colours and sizes, who are all searching for the best nest sites. The males are strutting their stuff up and down the fence in the hope of attracting the females! This scene is what has inspired me and I have mixed it up with a bit of artistic licence to produce my first project for you.

I have entitled this project ‘Fancy Birds’ and have left the background blank for you to add in some of your own details if you wish, you can just leave it as it is or make it a plain colour – it’s up to you!

Fancy Birds


Simply print off the project sheet and then let your imagination run riot with your pens and pencils!

When you have finished, you can share your work by posting it in the Lost in Doodles Facebook group

I’m looking forward to seeing your completed projects and maybe featuring some of them on this blog.

I hope you enjoy this project and would love to know what you think of it and the site. You can post in the comments below or email me  at

Wishing you a happy and creative week,


**N.B. Please note that all my work is copyrighted and for your personal use only. I take any infringement very seriously. Many thanks for your understanding.